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The effect of lockdown on lifestyles and diabetes control

Many countries in the world are in some stage of lockdown as a result of Covid-19.  This has disrupted our usual routines and for many means staying at home, reduced physical activity and a change in diet.

Over the past few weeks, over 250 people from 20 countries completed a short survey to find out how living in lockdown has impacted their lifestyle.  The link below takes you to a summary of the findings.


Many reported that they are eating more meals at home and eating more fresh food, which is great, and many people with diabetes have found that their glucose control is better and they have lost some weight as a result.  This is, perhaps unexpectedly, a positive impact in these difficult times.

However, 30% of people with diabetes reported that they have gained weight during lockdown, and 24% that their blood glucose levels have been higher than before lockdown.  This potentially increases the immediate health risks from Covid-19 as well as increasing longer-term risks from ill health.

If you are affected in this way, please consider what you can do to regain better health. Reducing carbohydrate intake is effective in reducing glucose levels quickly. It can also help with weight loss. Click here for low carb advice.

Alternatively you may need to adjust your diabetes medication. If you feel this may be required, please do not delay in seeking advice from your diabetes care team. Above all, stay safe. 

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