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An introduction to low carbohydrate management of type 2 diabetes



A course for all specialist and primary care health professionals involved in the care of people with diabetes.

Delivered as three sessions, online via Zoom:

October 5th, 12th and 19th 2023, 0900 - 1100 UK time

Cost: £60, includes 58-page course pdf course book

​CPD certified (6 hours)





Over recent years there has been increasing interest in the role of low carbohydrate diets in the management of diabetes. It is now recognised as a valid intervention in type 2 diabetes by several specialist societies, including Diabetes UK, the British Dietetic Association, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and the American Diabetes Association (ADA).  Several clinicians in the UK and US have adopted this approach and shown it to be effective in many patients in reducing weight, HbA1c and medication use, thus generating significant cost-savings. In many cases, patients have put their diabetes into remission.

​Most diabetes health professionals were trained in an era when a high carbohydrate, low fat diet was recommended for people with diabetes, even though it is, by definition a condition of glucose intolerance. Some remain sceptical about the benefits of a low carb approach, or anxious about adverse effects.

​Dr David Cavan, Consultant Endocrinologist and Author will lead the training, with contributions from Tara Kelly, diabetes dietitian, Gayle Gerry, practice nurse and Heidi Giaever, nutritionist specialising in food addiction. They all have extensive experience in supporting patients on a low carbohydrate diet. We will also hear from people who have achieved remission of type 2 diabetes using a low carb approach. The course is suitable for all health professionals involved in the care of people with diabetes.

​During interactive sessions, this well established and CPD-accredited course will cover topics including:​

  • What is a low carbohydrate diet?

  • The role of a low carbohydrate diet in managing and reversing type 2 diabetes

  • Adjusting medication on a low carbohydrate diet

  • How to support people in initiating and maintaining a low carbohydrate diet

  • How to recognise food addiction

  • Integrating a low carbohydrate diet into your diabetes service

​Places are limited to ensure an interactive learning experience.



Dr David Cavan  is a consultant endocrinologist and was based at the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre from 1996 until 2013.  Early in his career he developed an interest in patient self-management education and together with colleagues developed the BERTIE programme for people with type 1 diabetes, the BERTIE online course, and innovative educational models of care for insulin pump therapy. In 2011 he turned his focus to a lifestyle approach to the management of type 2 diabetes, and in 2014 wrote his first book, ‘Reverse Your Diabetes: the step by step approach to taking control of type 2 diabetes’. This was followed by ‘Reverse your Diabetes Diet’ in 2016, ‘Take Control of type 1 Diabetes’ and the ‘Low Carb Diabetes Cookbook’, both published in 2018. His latest book, 'Busting the Diabetes Myth' was published in 2022.

He left Bournemouth to take up the role of Director of Policy and Programmes at the International Diabetes Federation in Brussels, which he held for over three years.  He has since set up a lifestyle management programme for type 2 diabetes in Bermuda and has piloted similar interventions in Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as delivering training for health professionals from many countries. He currently works part time at the Poole Diabetes Centre and has a private clinic at London Medical.

​Tara Kelly is a registered dietitian and research associate. She is specifically interested in type 2 diabetes remission and the use of therapeutic diets in improving the health of people with type 2 diabetes. Tara has worked on the leading U.K. research study on diabetes remission - the DiRECT study, using low calorie diets as a treatment option. She has also published scientific papers on the use of low carbohydrate diets and has provided training on the approach to doctors and dietitians across the UK.

​Gayle Gerry is a practice nurse, having previously worked in A+E and in the Army Reserves as a nursing officer. Her interest in lifestyle medicine was sparked when she met a patient in 2012, who put his type 2 diabetes into remission. She has been offering low carb as an option for Type 2 since 2016 and in October 2019 she initiated a diabetes remission programme within her NHS practice using a low carbohydrate diet, with some excellent results. Additionally she is involved in diabetes remission work with 2 different CCG's and is on a steering group for a pilot scheme for a low calorie option for patients to put their diabetes into remission. She delivers low carbohydrate education to health professionals from over 80 practices. She is also studying with Nutrition Network.

​​Heidi Giaever originally studied Chemical Engineering, prior to studying Nutrition and Metabolic Therapies as well as Lifestyle Medicine and Sugar and Processed Food Addiction. She has an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management and is a certified Practitioner for the screening and diagnosis of Sugar and Processed Food Addictions and an X-Pert Diabetes coach and trainer. Her main areas of interest are in helping people with food addictions and metabolic disease such as type 2 diabetes to find sustainable ways to improve their health and stay in control of their weight.


Provisional Programme

​Session 1 - Thursday October 5th 2023

0900 Welcome, Introduction and goal-setting

0920 Type 2 diabetes - Risk factors, Reversibility and Lifestyle Management

0950 What is a low carb diet?

1100 Close

Session 2 - Thursday October 12th 2023

0900 Low Carb in Practice – Initiation, Medication adjustment and Monitoring

0930 Case discussions

1040 Low carb living with type 2 diabetes – stories from people in remission

1100 Close

Session 3 - Thursday October 19th 2023

0900 Recognising food addiction

0925 Low carb living with type 2 diabetes – stories from people in remission

0945 Setting up a low carb service

1025 Q and A session

1050 Next steps in your own practice

1100 Close

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